Japanese Whiskey Taking Connoisseurs By Surprise

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This is the time of year when we often share a drink with friends and family, hopefully beside a warm fire. Many special moments in our lives have started out with a toast between loved ones. 

While some drink beer or wine, whisky may be one of the most popular beverages of choice ever. While the stiff drink is usually associated with Scotland, Ireland, Tennessee, and Kentucky, other places have been stepping up their game recently. This is especially true in Japan.

Known chiefly for its sake, the Land of the Rising Sun recently increased the amount of whisky it produces. Distillers there have begun importing ingredients from Scotland and cultivating a whisky culture that might astonish you. 

Writers at The Frisky recently gave an overview of the surprising rise of Japanese whisky, writing, “We are sure that many of you are surprised by the fact that such a drink is produced in Japan, but it is something that has been produced by some Japanese distilleries for many years, and in recent years it is considered one of the best whiskeys in the world. Distilleries in Japan boast excellent standards and excellent methods followed by Scottish distilleries, but certain other things make the Japanese version of this drink special and so delicious for consumption among people around the world. Since we are talking about this version, it is worth saying something more about Japanese pride, that is, about the whiskey that is made there. So let’s see together, what makes Japanese whiskey so special, what makes everyone drink this drink, and whether it is better than other whiskeys around the world. Let’s get started!

The first thing that each of you needs to know is the fact that this whisky is hard to find and hard to buy. Why? It’s not a problem with the sales networks, because jqws.com.au and other alcohol sites always have it on offer and have it in stock, but there are still certain times when a huge number of people want to buy this delicious strong drink and have it in their home for special occasions. So, try to order your Japanese whisky today and have it at home, because you never know when all the online sites will be flooded with demand for it, knowing the fact that it can be found mostly online the sale.

What is the secret? The secret is not too big – the success of this alcoholic drink lies in the fact that it is made from the same ingredients as the Scottish version, that is, the ingredients are imported from Scotland, but still the distilleries in Japan have a better and more careful process of making this popular drink. That makes this product better than all the others and that is exactly why it is said to be special, and its popularity is not decreasing, but on the contrary, the demand is increasing. We believe that you too have the desire to try the Japanese trump card, so do so today by purchasing this whisky for yourself.

Although this product has been produced in Japan for many years under careful conditions and with adequate quality that would give everyone their favorite drink neatly produced, packaged, and ready to drink, this drink has seen an increase in recent years. This is a star on the Asian market, but also on the European market in general and on the world market in general. People who have this drink say that from now on they will only consume Japanese whisky because it is a product worth waiting for and worth buying. Steady growth will continue in the future, and all that is needed is for distilleries in Japan to maintain quality in production.”

The history of Japanese whisky is fascinating.

The Japanese government has decided that whisky is worth making, and they’re determined to be known for their unique, special style.

“Unlike in Scotland, where adding booze from another country to the mix means you can’t call it Scotch anymore, Japanese whiskey never had a formal definition of production. That means there was nothing stopping an unscrupulous brand from blending Scotch with shochu, or simply importing whiskey from overseas, bottling it here in Japan and then slapping on a ‘Japanese whisky’ label,” according to the website Timeout.

Starting in 2021, that began to change due to new rules from the Japan Spirits & Liqueurs Makers Association (JSLMA). Timeout continued: “After years of consultation, the group released a set of criteria that a spirit must satisfy in order to be called Japanese whiskey.

The full list of rules is published in English on the JSLMA website, but here are some key points about provenance, which are important whether you’re drinking or collecting Japanese whisky:

  • The spirit must be fermented, distilled and aged at a distillery in Japan
  • It must contain malted grain (eg barley, wheat, rye), but other non-malted cereal grains can also be included
  • Water used to make the spirit must be extracted in Japan
  • The spirit must be aged for at least three years
  • It must be bottled in Japan.”

As you prepare for the holidays, don’t be surprised if you see a different kind of whisky bottle in the liquor cabinet this year. 

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