Visually Impaired Mother-to-Be Sees Baby For First Time Thanks to Tech Breakthrough


This might be the best video you see today. There’s nothing quite like the joy of seeing your baby for the first time on an ultrasound.

When expecting mother Ashton Johnson went to the doctor to get an early scan of her baby, she didn’t think she’d be able to see the results at the CHI Bergan Mercy Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. Ashton has difficulty seeing and she relied on her husband, Logan, to describe the live picture. 

He did his best, saying how the baby’s hands were on his face or describing how he was sleeping or turning. But, as we know, pictures are worth a thousand words, and Logan’s efforts could only convey so much. 

That’s when Ashton’s OBGYN, Dr. Katie Sekpe, has a genius idea and showed the science is changing lives in unimaginable ways.

She told local news, “And so, the thought came like it would be really nice to get her something tangible to hold on to, to feel the contours of the baby’s face and to really get an understanding of what baby looks like.”

KETV reported, “Sekpe teamed up with another OBGYN, Dr. John Coté, to make a 3D print of Johnson’s ultrasound. With delicate fingers tracing the print of her baby’s face, Johnson was in awe.

“This is so cool. Like I have not been able to feel his, like see his ultrasounds like at all so like this is so cool. I can see his little lips and his little nose. That is so cute. And his little eyes. Oh my gosh,” she said.

“We’re actually one of the first institutions to be able to do stuff like this,” Coté said. He says giving an expecting mother a 3D print of her ultrasound raises oxytocin levels and increases attachment to her baby. He says it’s groundbreaking work.

“3D printing has been around for some time but when we’re applying it to more common scenarios like everyday pregnant patients and that’s when I think it becomes a game-changer,” he said.

Coté currently serves as a professor at Creighton University and his research has made the college one of the best obstetrics and gynecology departments around.

Being able to hold and feel the 3D ultrasound prints have given Ashton a new way to “see” her child. She said, “‘I never thought I’d get to see what my baby looks like in a way-feel what he looks like. I can’t wait to see what he looks like in person.’

With tears in her eyes, she thanked everyone who made this dream come true. ‘Thank you so much guys. This really means so much to me. Thank you,” she said. “I definitely wouldn’t have this opportunity without you guys. So thank you guys.’

‘Whose nose does it have?’ Sekpe asked.

And to a room full of laughter and sniffling nurses, ‘Mine,’ Ashton Johnson said confidently.”

You can see the longer video of Ashton seeing her 3D ultrasound here.

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