Man Comes Back To Life When Ambulance Hits Pothole

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In Haryana, India, 80-year-old Darshan Singh Brar was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator for four days, and it didn’t look too good. During his stay, doctors eventually declared that his heart had stopped. 

Declared dead by the hospital, Darshan’s grandson picked up his body so that it could be brought back to his village. There, a group of mourners had gathered to grieve, and preparations were made for his cremation on a funeral pyre.

That’s when the ambulance hit a huge pothole, which jolted Darshan back to life. 

NDTV recently wrote about the astonishing story: 

Declared dead by doctors, the “body” of Darshan Singh Brar was being taken from Patiala to his home near Karnal, where mourning relatives had gathered, food had been laid out and wood had been collected for his funeral, when the ambulance hit a pothole. 

Brar’s family said his grandson, who was with him in the ambulance, noticed him moving his hand and, on sensing a heartbeat, asked the ambulance driver to head to the nearest hospital. The doctors there declared him alive.

The 80-year-old heart patient is now undergoing treatment at a hospital in Karnal, where his condition is said to be critical. The family has hailed the incident as a miracle and are now hoping for a speedy recovery.

“It is a miracle. Now, we are hoping that my grandfather recovers soon. Everyone who had gathered to mourn his death congratulated us, and we requested them to have the food we had arranged. It is God’s grace that he is now breathing and we are hoping he will get better,” one of Brar’s grandchildren told the news channel.

Doctors at Rawal Hospital, where Darshan was transferred, said that the octogenarian had begun breathing without the need of a ventilator. The jostle in the ambulance normalized his heartbeat. They refused to say for certain why the other hospital declared him dead, but speculated it may have been a technical or paperwork error.

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