Cat Found Stuck In Amazon Return

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Amazon workers have a tough job. They know that millions of people all over the world rely on them for important items. Things have to work like a well-oiled machine. 

But sometimes, something so shocking will happen that the entire warehouse has to take a step back, have a deep breath, and laugh. 

That’s what happened to an Amazon warehouse in California recently when a worker heard a strange noise coming from a returned package. 

Carrie Clark said her family’s indoor-only cat, Galena, mysteriously disappeared on April 10. Friends and family helped them search their house, neighborhood and surrounding community for a week while they plastered missing posters around town and on social media, wrote KSL in Utah.

“Galena is a huge emotional support to me and has helped me get through many health challenges over the past six years,” Clark told KSL TV in an email. “The anxiety and stress of not knowing what happened to her was excruciating.”

Then, on April 17, Clark received a text that Galena’s microchip had been scanned that afternoon. Immediately after, imagine Clark’s surprise when she received a call from a vet — in California.

The vet told Clark she had her beloved cat, Galena, who was found inside of an Amazon box alongside five pairs of work boots.

“I ran to tell my husband that Galena was found and we broke down upon realizing that she must have jumped into an oversized box that we shipped out the previous Wednesday,” Clark said. “The box was a ‘try before you buy,’ and filled with steel-toed work boots.”

The couple updated a Facebook post on the Utah County Lost & Found PETS group that Clark made when their precious kitten first went missing. Despite going without water or food for six days, they explained, Galena miraculously survived! Remarkably, her blood work came back completely normal. 

Despite her considerable weight loss, she emerged from the ordeal unscathed. We are amazed by the numerous instances of kindness and assistance that occurred throughout this ordeal. It truly feels like a miracle! We are considering sharing her incredible survival story, possibly through writing a book or reaching out to news channels or documentary filmmakers.

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