From Despair to Heroism: How A Brave Act Changed A Man’s Life

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Ron Nessman used to drive big rigs for a living. That is until his girlfriend passed away and his life began to unravel, leading him to homelessness and depression for the last eight years. Over the past three months, however, his sister has taken him in, giving him a chance to get back on his feet. 

His first step was to get a job, and he decided to apply at Applebees. That’s when Fate put him in the position to be a hero. 

The Guardian shared his story: “Ron Nessman was leaving a job interview at an Applebee’s restaurant in California when a baby in a stroller rolling into the path of several cars captured his attention.

“I didn’t even have time to think about it,” Nessman told the local news station KOVR-TV when reflecting on his actions, which many have hailed as heroic. “You just react.”

A woman had stopped on the driveway of a nearby car wash and loaded her great-nephew into a stroller when strong winds blew the baby away from her. The woman chased after the stroller but fell, and she struggled to get back up as she helplessly watched the baby roll toward a street which was packed with motorists who may or may not have been obeying a speed limit of 40 miles (64km) an hour.

Nessman immediately jumped up from the bench, sprinted to the stroller and stopped it with his right hand as it approached the nearest traffic lane, according to dramatic video captured by a surveillance camera at the car wash. He turned the stroller around and began wheeling it up the driveway as at least eight cars who did not appear to notice the scene zoomed by.

“I said, you know, ‘I got it!’” Nessman recounted as he told KOVR about preventing the baby from being hit and hurt – or worse – by any of the incoming cars. “Because I felt so bad for the lady. I got nephews and nieces. I can imagine something like that [happening].”

This video is both shocking and awe-inspiring. 

Ron recalled the story to a local CBS affiliate, as well, telling the station, “She sees the child going into the street and that’s all she sees,” said Nessman. “She can’t do nothing.”

“I seen her and I felt so bad for the lady,” said Nessman. “I got nephews and nieces and I couldn’t imagine something like that.”

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself I did nothing,” said Nessman. “I’m just glad I realized it and was on it.”

To make things even better. Ron landed the job! 

Applebee’s general manager Emily Canady told NBC San Diego: “He’s a great guy and he was a great candidate, and he’ll definitely fit with us here in Team Victorville at Applebee’s.” 

On turning his life around, Ron said, “I decided to get right. If you want something different in your life, you do something different and that’s where I am at today. I thank my sister for helping me out. She’s always been there for me.”

The channel reported that he’s excited for his new job because it’ll be fast-paced and keep him busy. Although some have told Ron he should capitalize on his notoriety and launch an online fundraiser, he told the news “he doesn’t want anyone’s money. Instead, he wants to earn his own.”

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