Police Officers Lift Up Car With Bare Hands To Save Accident Victim

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A Florida man who was working on his car is lucky to be alive after a nightmare scenario for any mechanic happened in real life. While working on his red Chevy sedan, the car began to roll of the ramps Francisco had used to lift the car so he could work on it.

He suddenly found himself being crushed as his panicked son-in-law called for help. That’s when two police officers showed the power of working together…and a little adrenaline.

Cape Coral police say officers were called just before 6 p.m. Monday for a man trapped under his car. When police arrived, they determined the jack the man used to hold up the car while he worked underneath it failed, causing the vehicle to fall on him.

Urgency can be heard in a video shared to Cape Coral Police Department’s Instagram page, as an officer rushes up and is seen in bodycam footage placing his hands under the wheel well of a red car, lifts it and shouts “somebody pull him out!”

Carlos Romero told local TV station WBBH that he was helping his father-in-law replace the transmission at the time of the jack failure, and that he tried to lift the vehicle on his own, but could not.

“He has a pulse,” Romero can be heard saying in the video, after his father-in-law was pulled out from under the car.

The bodycam of one of the officers captured the dramatic moments that the two pick up a car to save the victim. 

Francisco, who is in his 70s, suffered the mishap while working on his vehicle’s transmission cable. The ramps holding up his car gave way, causing the car to fall on him.

“The whole car fell on his body,” Francisco’s son-in-law, Carlos Romero told local news. Reports said that it only took a matter of minutes for Cape Coral police officers to arrive. 

“The two guys come here from the Cape Coral Police Department and they literally lift the car with his hands,” Romero continued.  

He was helping his father-in-law work on the red Chevy sedan when the accident happened. The car is Francisco’s prize possession.  

“He loves the car,” Romero said. “It’s like the first car he buy brand new or something like that.” 

Although Francisco remains in the hospital, he’s expected to start recuperating at home soon. 

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