Chevy Chase Visits ‘The Griswolds’

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In 2018, Steve Harbaugh, from Mullica Hill, New Jersey, began decking out his home like one of his favorite Christmas movie characters. Eventually, after putting over ten thousand lights on is house, Steve was labeled the Clark Griswold of New Jersey. 

After years of being praised for his decorations, he decided to take it to an entirely new level of the Christmas spirit. A real estate developer and philanthropist, in 2022, he opened Harbaugh Village, a Christmas-themed “entertainment destination” that includes a carousel, roller-skating rink, food trucks, carnival-style games, and live music.

“I have a vision for this to be a place I want to take my own children, who are 9, 8, and 6. I keep them in mind with everything I do here,” Harbaugh, whose family-owned company builds luxury homes on the Jersey Shore, told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “I want the village to be a place where my wife and I can enjoy a glass of wine and listen to acoustic music while the kids have fun.”

This Christmas, however, he got a big suprise when it came time to turn on the lights. 

“For Steve and the community,” wrote Fox 29, “it was always a dream to have Chevy Chase help light up the house.”

Finally, that dream came true. 

Actor Chevy Chase made an appearance in Mullica Hill, New Jersey on Sunday to light up a house for Christmas, just like he did in ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,’ according to WPVI.

The special occasion attracted a crowd of fans who love the Christmas classic movie.

“I love all of you. So great that you came out to this, it’s very, very nice of you,” said Chase as he addressed the crowd.

The event at Harbaugh Village started with a screening of the iconic holiday film.

After the movie, the festivities moved outside for the George’s House Lighting Ceremony, and Chase did the honors of lighting up the home.

When the lights went on the crowd went wild with the Christmas spirit. 

Harbaugh Village supports George’s House, a non-profit dedicated to providing transitional housing to families trying to get back on their feet and toys for children in need. To learn more, donate or volunteer, please visit

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  1. Every town suburb needs a Griswolds Home each Dec

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