K-9 Officer Saves Woman Trapped On Ravine

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An 85-year-old woman in Colorado recently found herself clinging to a tree for two hours, but luckily, just before she started to lose her grip, two heroes arrived. 

A police dog named Mercury and Officer Austin Speer quickly picked up the woman’s scent almost immediately after they arrived on the scene, and the dramatic video captured Mercury dashing along the grassy knoll while his handler showered him with affirmations of “good dog!”

The pair weave through several trees until they spot the missing woman “clinging to a tree down a steep ravine where she could not be seen from the roadway or canal,” the Greenwood Village Police Department said.

“Hi, ma’am. This is a friendly dog. He found you. Isn’t that good?” Speer tells the woman as Mercury eagerly approaches her.

“We’re going to get you home, ok?”

According to her son, the unnamed woman had been missing for two hours — but the dynamic duo sniffed them out within just 10 minutes, reported The New York Post.

According to the woman’s daughter, her mother had tried to climb up the hill before getting tired and finding herself unable to move. She had been missing for two hours. 

She expressed how grateful she was for Mercury and Officer Speer’s help in finding her mother calling it “unbelievable,” wrote The Daily Mail. 

“This is my mom and I am so grateful for Mercury and Officer Speer, the kind and professional dispatch gal I spoke with and all involved on this team effort to save my mom who was ‘gassed out’ after trying to climb this hill and unable to move,” she wrote on Facebook. 

“I had been searching for her for two hours and Mercury and officer Speer found her in 10 minutes: UNBELIEVABLE! It was like watching a Navy Seal extraction: I am so grateful to live in City of Greenwood Village Government.”

According to a press release by the Greenwood Village Police Department, K-9 Mercury, who became a part of the force eighteen months ago, possesses expertise in locating and tracking missing individuals, along with detecting narcotics.

After the ordeal, the woman reunited with her family, but not before the trio took a photo together.

It was just another day’s work for man’s best friend.

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