Visitor Causes Medical Center Workers To Take Cover

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A medical center in Anchorage, Alaska, had a surprise visitor and it was all caught on video. A young and hungry moose came in through the front doors and promptly started munching on some of the plants used for decorations in the lobby, leaving security to scramble in hopes of trying to maintain the calm. 

UPI writes, “Video of the Thursday incident posted by employees at the Providence Alaska medical facility showed a team of security guards and some patients forming a human wall around the moose, who remained calm during the encounter.

The hospital posted the video of the ordeal on Facebook, writing, “We are sharing the amazing work of our Security Department for anyone who might be wondering “How exactly do you get a moose out of a building?” With a lot of encouragement and from a safe distance, of course.”

“Thankfully,” they added, “caregivers from the Security Department helped guide our friend safely out the door.”

“Patients and staff clustered behind behind a row of wheelchairs in the lobby while a team of security guards and a few members of the public formed a human wall around the moose — which appeared calm and interested solely in the lobby’s foliage — to help safely usher the animal back out the automatic doors it had used to enter the building, The Anchorage Daily News noted.

“’We got a call from one of our dispatchers that a moose had entered into the facility, and was in our lobby eating our plants,’ said Randy Hughes, director of security with Providence. Hughes responded just after 1 p.m. to the scene at the building, which houses the Cancer Center.”

Once the big guy got his fill of lobby plants, he seemed ready to go home and security directed him out the way he came. 

“It’s not unheard of for moose to walk into Anchorage-area medical facilities. In 2019, a moose wandered into Alaska Regional Hospital, and in 2012.

This was the first such encounter during Hughes’ seven years employed with Providence, so there wasn’t much precedent for how to respond, Hughes said,” the local newspaper continued.

Randy mentioned that had the moose been an adult or more aggressive, security would have waited for experts to get on the scene to respond. Game and wildlife officers often have to sedate the animal instead of trying to coax it outside.

He’s happy he didn’t have to. 

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