Woman Found In Portapotty After Searching For Her Watch

[Myotus, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

Some people will do anything to keep their gadgets safe, and a woman in Michigan proved that she sould do anything to keep her Apple Watch safe.

Even if it meant going to the grossest place imaginable.

According to Michigan State Police, first responders were called to the Dixon Lake boat launch in northern Michigan in response to the sound of a woman screaming for help. Upon arriving at the scene, they discovered that the woman was stuck inside an outhouse toilet. The incident was reported by USA Today.

The woman explained to authorities that she had accidentally dropped her Apple Watch in the toilet and had then attempted to retrieve it. Unfortunately, she became stuck and was unable to free herself.

“The woman was heard yelling for help and told first responders she had dropped her Apple Watch in the toilet. She then lowered herself inside the toilet to retrieve it and could not get out,” state police said.

Conservation officers from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, troopers with the state police Gaylord Post and emergency medical personnel with Otsego County responded to the incident, state police said.

“The toilet was removed, and a strap was used to hoist the woman out to safety,” state police told NBC News.

State Police spokesman Derrick Carroll said that despite her smelly ordeal, “the woman had managed to retrieve her watch before her rescue and was not injured. Carroll remarked on the woman’s gratitude towards the first responders that saved her.”

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