Doctor Runs In Marathon To Save Patient

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Sometimes you have to run for your life, or in the case of one quick-footed surgeon, run to save someone else’s. That’s what Philadelphia transplant surgeon Adam Bodzin did recently. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer writes, “With the clock ticking on his precious cargo of a human liver for transplant surgery, a van driver made good time on his way from New York to Philadelphia on a Saturday morning in November.

Until he ran into thousands who were racing against a different clock: runners competing in the Dietz & Watson Philadelphia Half Marathon.

Fortunately for the driver — and the gravely ill patient waiting for the liver at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital — the runners weren’t the only ones wearing athletic shoes.

Clad in sneakers and teal-colored hospital scrubs, Jefferson transplant surgeon Adam Bodzin dashed out the hospital door and ran roughly half a mile to meet the driver, darting through the stream of runners to collect the organ packed in ice.”

We tried every which way to get them across, (the driver) talked to multiple police officers about potential access points unfortunately, despite that (the driver) was unable to get across,” Dr. Bodzin said

When Adam heard that the race had blocked his patient’s liver, he jumped out of his chair and dashed a half mile to the hapless driver.

“I had my sneakers, a coat, and my scrubs, and I ran over there rather slow, probably,” he told Fox29, adding that he had to dodge the runners all along the way.

Local news interviewed the good doctor about his impromptu race.

Charles Rowe, Bodzin’s patient, was all ready for surgery and had no idea about his surgeon’s magnificent half mile until after the successful operation.

“He’s amazing he’s a really amazing doctor, he went beyond the call of duty.” Rowe said to the Fox affiliate. “I guess he has a cape on under that white jacket. I’m really grateful for what he did, because if he had not gotten it in me, I would not have gotten the liver and I would have been waiting again and who knows what would have transpired between that time with my body and everything.”

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