Golf Super Star Sees Shot Land In Woman’s Lap

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One golf fan attending a big-time golf event may be scooting a little bit farther back from the fairway next time a pro takes a drive off the tee, especially if the golfer taking a swing is Rory McIlroy. 

Recently, the golf star’s shot landed in one of the more awkward places a shot can land, in a woman’s lap. 

USA Today writes

What an awkward shot it was for Rory McIlroy.

Playing at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Thursday, McIlroy teed off on the par-3 13th hole when his shot went wayward and into the crowd gathered to the right of the green. When the four-time major winner arrived to find where his shot went, it was in an unusual place.

The ball had landed on a woman’s lap.

The rest of the crowd had spread out to give McIlroy space to shoot his second shot, but the woman hadn’t moved yet, still sitting on the grass with the ball on her. The woman laughed as McIlroy approached and pretended to take his second shot on the hole off of her lap before asking for a referee

For his part, the four-time major winner played it cool as he walked up to the shocked fan.

The Associated Press reported that “McIlroy went up to her, scratched his head, then feigned a shot — to the amusement of the gallery. McIlroy stood back and said: ‘Right, ermm. Referee!’

The match referee arrived and gave McIlroy a drop, saying: ‘Basically, it’s the spot underneath her.’

‘You can get up,’ a laughing McIlroy said to the woman, who handed him the ball, stood up, picked up her bag and returned to the gallery to cheers.”

McIlroy ended up chipping the next shot onto the green before making a bogey.

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