They Flipped Through Their Wedding Album From 1983 And Couldn’t Believe What They Found

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Wedding anniversaries hold a truly special place in our hearts. They mark the timeless celebration of love, commitment, and enduring partnerships and serve as cherished milestones for couples as they reflect on their lives together. Every passing year becomes a testament to the unwavering bond forged through laughter, tears, and steadfast support. 

As long-married couples commemorate these remarkable occasions, they honor not only their own commitment to each other, but also the sanctity and beauty of marriage itself.

That’s what Tim and Melinda O’brien were doing when they looked through their wedding album from 40 years ago, but what they saw surprised them.

Getting ready for their upcoming anniversary on June 25, they realized there was a gift certificate for the local hotel. A room in 1983 was just $38, writes KMBC-TV.

“I was going through our old wedding album and there was a certificate right there,” Tim O’Brien said. “I wonder if they’ll still honor this.”

The exact room the couple stayed in isn’t available 40 years later, but the hotel is honoring the certificate 40 years later.

“I can’t take credit for that marketing initiative, but we have some rooms that are very comparable,” said Dustin Holcumbrink, the hotel manager.

The Muehlebach Hotel, which opened in 1915, is an iconic and historic landmark located in the heart of Kansas City. Since its grand opening over a century ago, it has welcomed countless visitors and has become a symbol of sophistication and refinement. Its grand architecture, opulent interiors, and luxurious amenities have been a destination for newlyweds for decades.

During the Prohibition era, it became a center of underground activities, with secret speakeasies hidden within its walls. Its location near Union Station made it a convenient and discreet location for bootlegging and clandestine gatherings. 

The hotel also served was the White House headquarters for President Harry S. Truman during his frequent visits to his hometown in nearby Independence, Missouri. The president often stayed in Independence but conducted business in the Presidential Suite in the hotel’s penthouse.

Today, the hotel embraces its colorful past, offering guests a glimpse into the city’s fascinating history. 

The O’Briens couldn’t have picked a better place to spend their first night married 40 years ago and their old coupon should help them celebrate their anniversary in style. 

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