House Cat Does Something Incredible

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A couple in New Hampshire found an unusual visitor on their porch during the summer. 

A user on Reddit posted questions about what to do with a baby bobcat, and the response of the internet was an ourpouring of advice and love. 

The Redditor Doustin told Newsweek: “I went on a walk and when I was coming home, I found a kitten. I called my wife Courtney and said that it had a possible medical problem.

“She immediately told me to pick it up and bring it inside, she was going to evaluate for obvious medical concerns and bring it to the vet, I said that it was hissing and making it known he/she did not want to be handled.”

Not giving up easily, Courtney headed outside with some food and a towel. After trying to feed it—and the cat making it clear it was not interested—the couple realized it was no ordinary kitten, this was a Bobcat kitten.

“Courtney did see a noticeable massive tick and what looked like a puncture wound near the tick spot,” said the Redditor: “I knew that between the injury and the age of the little one that we needed to get it help at a wildlife sanctuary.”

After calling every cat shelter they could and being told, they finally called the police, who then sent personnel from Millstone Wildlife Center. They said that it had been years since they had picked up a bobcat, but they took the little gal with them and gave her a nice place to rest and heal. 

“The bobkitten was in great shape,” Caroline Wilkinson, president of nonprofit organization Spicy Cats, which liaised with Millstone Wildlife Center, told The Epoch Times. “Clearly mom had been taking good care of her up until then.”

However, her rescuers became aware that the bobkitten, who weighed less than 2 lbs (approx. 0.9 kg) although in good physical condition, had been “crying from loneliness.”

That’s where the cat shelter Spicy Cats came in to provide a babysitter. 

“Spicy Cats Rescue is based in Seacoast New Hampshire and Maine, and focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and fostering feral, abandoned, or disabled cats. According to this Facebook post, The Rescue was contacted by folks from Millstone Wildlife Center in Windham, New Hampshire. The Center had taken in an orphaned bobcat kitten who was just six weeks old, and the poor thing was crying from loneliness. Since the kitty was a wild animal who would ultimately be released into the wild, it wasn’t in her best interest to be held or comforted by humans. So, the two organizations knew they had to come up with a plan B.

Enter Honeybun, a Spicy Cats feline who is a momma herself and has raised kittens in the past.

It turns out that these two girls are the perfect pair, and Honeybun a natural babysitter. The latter’s not only been “very patient and sweet,” according to the Facebook post, but the young bobcat feels quite at home with her, and even chews on her ears.

We’re so happy that this story has a happy ending, and wish the sweet little bobcat all the luck in the world as she’s rehabilitated and eventually released back into the wild,” according to local media. 

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  1. I worry will bobcat kill kitten cat later?
    Beware wild racoons & your cat outdoors
    I had Outdoor adult cat & was killed by racoon

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