Make-A-Wish Recipient Receives Shocking News While In Flight

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During a flight to Orlando, a Make-A-Wish recipient named Jacob and his family received some shocking news from the pilot over the loudspeaker. Much to everyone’s chagrin, the pilot informed the airplane that the ten-year-old would be stripped of his designation as a Make-A-Wish kid upon landing. 

“Jacob, you are a true hero, and I couldn’t be more proud to share this moment with you,” he said. “ Things like this don’t happen every day, and I don’t take this lightly,” writes Motherly.

He continued, “Jacob, just before takeoff, a representative from Make-A-Wish made contact with the airline. We were informed that you no longer meet the requirements to be a Make-A-Wish candidate.”

The pilot gets emotional here and has to pause and turn off the speaker.

“You’re still going to go to Disney” the pilot shared, “but according to your most recent exam. Jacob, you have many more years to take all the trips you could ever dream of.”

“Go ahead and turn around, big man,” the pilot said as he was all choked up. And as Jacob and his mother turn around, they’re faced with passengers holding up five colorful signs, with the words “You. Are. Cancer. Free.” and an exclamation point.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation stands as a beacon of compassion and inspiration, dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of children battling critical illnesses. Founded in 1980, this global nonprofit has been a catalyst for bringing joy, hope, and unforgettable experiences to countless young lives. Their mission revolves around the simple yet powerful premise of granting life-changing wishes, offering these courageous children a break from the challenges of their medical conditions and an opportunity to dream beyond their circumstances.

The foundation operates on the belief that a wish granted is more than just a momentary experience—it’s a source of strength, resilience, and healing. Each wish is tailored to the unique desires of the child, whether it’s meeting a role model, embarking on an adventure, or experiencing something truly extraordinary. These wishes often become transformative milestones in their journeys, providing them and their families with cherished memories that endure far beyond the wish itself.

Volunteers, donors, sponsors, and supporters rally around these children, contributing their time, resources, and efforts to make these dreams a reality. Since its founding, over half a million children have received a granted wish from the foundation. 

We’re just happy that Jacob wasn’t one of them. 

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