Rescuers Enlist Man’s Dog To Save Him

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A man from northern Michigan is recovering after falling through the ice on a local pond. When first responders arrived to help after desperate bystanders called 911, but the officer quickly realized he could not reach the victim. 

That’s when Ruby showed up to save the day. 

The Detroit Free Press writes

Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer Kammeron Bennetts responded to the scene after bystanders saw the man fall through the ice and called 911, according to a news release from the agency.

As the man struggled in the frigid water, Bennetts realized he couldn’t reach the man himself due to the icy conditions, and seized the moment, calling on Ruby, the man’s loyal dog, standing beside him on the ice.

After attaching a rescue disc to Ruby’s collar, the officer orchestrated a doggy-assisted ice rescue, ensuring a bone-chilling incident turned into a heartwarming tale of survival.

Ruby brought her owner the disc, allowing Bennetts to pull the man out of the water and safely across the ice, with the help of a firefighter from Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department.

The video is amazing: 

The man was in the water for approximately 16 minutes. State police said the man was taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment and later released.

Good girl, Ruby! 

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