Lawsuit Claims That Woman Found Finger In Meal From Major Restaurant

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A woman in Connecticut has sued the salad restaurant Chopt for allegedly taking their name a little too seriously. 

Allison Cozzi claims to have bought a salad from the fast-casual chain last April. While enjoying her healthy meal, she said that she saw something that shouldn’t be there. 

No, it wasn’t the wrong kind of lettuce or a crouton. It was a human finger!

According to the suit, a manager at the restaurant accidentally severed a piece of her left pointer finger while chopping arugula, writes CBS News.

The manager went to the hospital, but the contaminated arugula was served to customers that included Cozzi, the lawsuit says.

Westchester County health department records show that Chopt was fined $900.

Cozzi said in the lawsuit that she suffered injuries including shock, panic attacks, migraine, cognitive impairment, nausea, dizziness, and neck and shoulder pain as a result of eating the contaminated salad.

Local health officials investigated the Chopt location soon after the incident and fined the store $900 for breaking the health code against having human fingers in people’s food. 

USA Today reported, “An inspection report from the health department shows that several weeks after the incident, a health inspector visited the Chopt location and spoke with the manager at issue. The manager said staff ‘did not realize the arugula was contaminated with human blood and a finger tip,’ inspector Allison Hopper wrote.

Hopper instructed Chopt staff on the proper disposal of contaminated food. Despite legal requirements, the establishment did not report the incident to the county health department, which only learned of it after a complaint from Cozzi.”

Chopt is a fast-casual restaurant chain known for its emphasis on customizable salads and bowls. The restaurant offers a range of fresh and high-quality ingredients, allowing customers to either create their own salads or choose from a selection of signature options. Chopt’s menu features various greens, proteins, toppings, and dressings to accommodate different tastes and dietary preferences. The restaurant has gained popularity for its commitment to providing healthy and flavorful choices, often incorporating current food trends and seasonal produce into its offerings. It’s advisable to check the latest information for any updates or changes to Chopt’s concept or menu.

The chain did not respond to requests for comment from multiple outlets. 

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